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Baby Blues: Season 1 Episode 2

Bizzy Moves In

Bizzy moves in with the MacPhersons after she can’t get along with her mother’s new boyfriend. Wanda can’t get along with Darryl after he gives her a minivan for her birthday, suggesting all that’s in store for her is driving. So the two women start spending more time together to complain about the men in their lives — which infuriates Darryl, who didn’t want Bizzy in his house to begin with. When Bizzy gives Wanda a friendship bracelet, Wanda grins and bears it while chauffeuring her and her trashy friends, Berkeley, Amber and Sioux, around. Wanda comes to enjoy hanging out with the wild bunch — and they come to enjoy hanging out with her — after she helps them break into Waterpalooza to swim with dolphins. A security guard catches them, forcing a disgruntled Darryl to come bail them out. Wanda and Bizzy fool Darryl into believing they’re sorry, before sneaking out to wreak more havoc. Melinda and Megan blow their cover to Darryl, who sets out to find them. The revelation that Bizz

Baby Blues: 1×2
Jul. 28, 2000

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