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Baby Blues: Season 1 Episode 6

World's Greatest Dad

Melinda invites Wanda to take a day off to go to a ceramic painting place. To pacify Darryl, the ladies arrange for him and Carl to have their own fun day out — with the kids. Darryl has as great a time with Carl as Wanda does with Melinda, but at Carl’s suggestion, he pretends he had a bad time in order to make Wanda believe he put himself out to please her. To show her what a great dad he is, he agrees to put himself out again by planning another day with Carl and the kids. What Wanda doesn’t know is that one of the places Carl brought Darryl to, Gumdrop Station, features a sexy showgirl who sings birthday greetings to little kids — and whom Darryl’s now infatuated with. Darryl milks his newfound selfless husband image for all it’s worth, while Wanda pampers him with breakfast in bed. His plan to keep seeing the birthday lady in secret comes crashing down around him when Wanda takes the pampering one step too far, and tells him that since he has such a bad time with Carl and the ki

Baby Blues: 1×6
Aug. 11, 2000

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