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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!: Season 1 Episode 24

Sword and Blade, Loyal and True (aka Hour of the Wolfwrath)

King Dedede orders a monster. This one being a red/crimson colored wolf-like creature. King Dedede tells it to go destroy Kirby, but it’s response was a snarl, and it jumped over his head. The NME salesguy explains to DDD that it doesn’t take to orders very well. Wolfwrath, the wolf-like creature, sprints right past Sword and Blade. “”Was that . . . Wolfwrath?”” Sword Knight asks. “”We’ve gotta tell MetaKnight!”” And so the two run off. Well, Kirby and Tuff are playing their version of soccer, while I think Tiff is just watching. Suddenly, though, as the ball is kicked in the air, Wolfwrath jumps out of no where, grabs the ball in his mouth, and pops it with his fangs. MetaKnight suddenly jumps out from behind the water fountain near the area where Tuff and Kirby were playing. Sword and Blade show up on the scene. MetaKnight tells them to get Tiff, Tuff and Kirby to safety. Well, the two knights wander off with the three kids near them. So now MetaKnight faces Wolfwrath. “”So, we meet again

Nov. 30, 2002

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