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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!: Season 1 Episode 44

A Novel Approach

There’s a problem in the castle! King Dedede’s ratings for Channel DDD have gone to zero. King Dedede learns that the cause of this is the book “”Pappey Pottey and the Fool’s Stone”” (a parody of “”Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone””). King Dedede swipes a copy, but it’s useless to him, as… HE CAN’T READ! Escargoon takes off with the king’s copy, and Dedede listens in as Tiff reads to her friends and Tuff. When King Dedede learns later that nobody finished the book yet, he snatches every copy, and bans the book from Dreamland. That done, he then somehow downloads the author from NME, and she suggests they turn the castle into a magic school. After turning out to be moreinterested in money than the spirit of writing (or her fans), she decides they should play a game on flying brooms… with Kirby as the ball! Before things get too far out of hand, Meta-Knight appears with… the author? Exposed, the fake author reveals her true form, the Broom King, who even fooled Dedede, and was sen

Jun. 21, 2003

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