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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!: Season 2 Episode 5

Kirby Takes The Cake

Kirby is confused when he wants to play with everyone, but they are all suspiciously busy with something. They all push him out of the way, and so Kirby feels left out. With everyone in town not wanting him around, Kirby goes back to his house to talk with Tokkori, who says that nobody wants to play with Kirby because nobody likes Kirby. Kirby, crushed, gathers up his things and heads for Kabu Canyon. In the meantime, King Dedede and Escargoon are equally suspicious of the Cappies being so busy all the time, and the King comes down to the idea that the Cappies are planning a revolution against him. Going to his chamber, he gets NME to send him a monster, who “”isn’t clear about who is friend and who is foe””. King Dedede and Escargoon then go to town and smash up all the gifts and everything the Cappies were making, trying to stop their plans of a “”revolution””. Tiff explains that they were celebrating Kirby’s first anniversary for being in Cappy Town, and the King says that “”he knew that

Oct. 04, 2003

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