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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!: Season 2 Episode 8

Scare Tactics (1)

Scary things are happening in Dream Land – it’s time for the annual “”Spook-out””! At this event, some Cappies found their true love, while most were scared stiff. Of course, no one invited Dedede or Escargoon, so they sneak into the woods to do a little scaring of their own. Between them and the fake ghosts the adults made, almost everyone is terrified that real spirits haunt the woods, including the adults that planned it all. However, Kirby is fearless, and leads Tiff and Tuff to the graveyard (scaring Dedede along the way) to a prize – a medal of bravery. But then the rain pours down, and the group seek shelter in a strange old house – which blows Tuff outside, locking Tiff and Kirby inside. Tuff brings Meta-Knight to help, but is he too late? Small floating glowing orbs have taken some sort of form before Kirby and Tiff. Who inhabits this haunted house?

Oct. 25, 2003

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