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Kong: The Animated Series: Season 1 Episode 25

The Aquanauts

Professor Ramone De La Porta travels to Scotland and Loch Ness and its sunken Atlantean ruins and the Primal Water Stone. Dr. Jenkins, Jason, Tann, Lua and Kong arrive to stop him. Ramone merges with the Loch Ness monster and attacks. Jason merges with Kong to fight the newly created Cyber-monster, but Ramone/Nessie beats Kong unconscious. Underwater dwellers, the Aquanauts, rescue Kong/Jason and take them to their underwater Atlantean city and the Temple of Kong. Dr. Jenkins, Lua, and Tann who arrive join them in Tann’s mini sub. The Aquanaut Queen falls in love with Jason. Ramone/Nessie attacks, aided by an army of Ramone’s mini subs firing advanced weapons. Working together, our heroes and the valiant Aquanauts defeat Ramone and his minions, setting Nessie free. The Queen throws a big party. Kong and Nessie play

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