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Kong: The Animated Series: Season 1 Episode 28

Dangerous Melody

Our heroes track De La Porta to the jungles of Burma and the fantastic Forgotten City. In a ruined temple, the Professor tries to activate the Primal Stone of Time. Jason, Tann, and Lua attempt to stop him but are transformed into children by the powers of the Primal Stone. They take the Stone and escape with Kong. The giant ape has his hands full dealing with the younger versions of his friends. De La Porta’s henchmen attack, led by a horrible Cyber-link created monstrosity–Giggles/tarantula. Kong defeats the creature in a wild fight, but the children are recaptured along with the Stone. Kong attacks De La Porta and in the ensuing chaos, the Professor and his men are also turned into children. With some clever detective work, Jason and his friends figure out how to reverse the Stone’s power and return everyone to their normal ages.

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