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Kong: The Animated Series: Season 1 Episode 33

Sir James Alex's Legacy

A giant, mutant coyote is terrorizing a small village in central Mexico. Our heroes travel to the village and are attacked by the villagers who mistake Kong for the monster that has been raiding them. After a close call, Jason sets them straight. They discover that the mutant was sent by De La Porta who is threatening to destroy the village unless they give him the ancient Atlantean machine stored in the village’s amazing museum of antiquities. The machine will give the mad Professor control over the Primal Water Stone. Giggles and Omar each merge with a coyote and attack the village. After a terrific fight, Kong drives them off, but half the village is destroyed. In an effort to prevent more destruction, the villagers bring the Atlantean machine to De La Porta who uses it to activate the Primal Stone creating a powerful thunderstorm. The torrential rains cause a flash flood that hurls a huge tidal wave at the helpless village. Kong heroically stops the wave, while Jason, Tann, and Lua

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