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Kong: The Animated Series: Season 1 Episode 36

Scared Songs

Dr. Jenkins gets a call for help from an old boyfriend, Dr. Amador, who is working with the Australian Aborigines near Ayers Rock. Lua has a prophetic vision of impending disaster and Kong becoming a wild beast. Despite this, our heroes travel to Australia taking Kong with them. In the desert they repeatedly encounter herds of local animals being driven into a frenzy by an unknown force. In the foothills they discover that De La Porta’s henchmen are using large radar dishes and sending ultrasound beams out to scare the animals. Jason merges with Kong to battle and defeat a horrible mutant created by Omar merging with a lizard. Jason and his friends pursue De La Porta to Ayers rock to stop him from activating the Primal Soul Stone with aboriginal songs. Ramone uses the Stone to drive both Jason and Kong wild, sending them to attack Tann and Lua. Kong chases Tann all around the desert while Lua calms Jason with the help of the Aborigine Shaman. Kong is about to crush Tann, when the song

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