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Kong: The Animated Series: Season 1 Episode 38


Using an enormous drill and forced Indian labor, De La Porta and his goons dig for gold in a mine deep inside the Sacred Mountain in Central Mexico. One Indian, Tlaloc, attempts to escape and is almost disemboweled by the monstrous flying reptile, Quetzalcoatl. By an amazing coincidence, Jason, Lua, Kong and Tann are visiting an old friend of Dr. Jenkins that lives in the same neighborhood. They encounter the shaken Tlalc on the mountain road. By another amazing coincidence he turns out to be son of the very man they were driving to visit! Lua sneaks up to the Sacred Mountain and is captured by none other then Ramone De La Porta himself! Jason merges with Kong and he and Tann try to rescue her, but are captured. Thanks to a new device created by the Professor, Jason can’t demerge Kong and release him. Tann and Lua make a break for it, leading Ramone’s men on a chase throughout the underground tunnels. Jason’s friends destroy the Professor’s device and Jason is able to demerge Kong. The

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