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Kong: The Animated Series: Season 1 Episode 39

The Thirteenth Stone (2)

Our heroes find themselves more than 6000 years in the past on ancient Kong Island when it was the Lost Continent of Atlantis! Unfortunately Atlantis is being destroyed by the powers of Chiros. Elsewhere on Atlantis, Ramone, Tiger Lucy and Omar encounter a pair of hungry T-Rex’s and barely escape with their lives. They take refuge in a narrow cave that leads them to the Hall of the Primal Stones and Ramone De La Porta’s deepest desire–12 of the Primal Stones. While crossing a wide, jungle river, Jason and his friends are attacked by a ravenous Plesiosaurus. Kong stomps the monster, but Lua is swept away by the powerful current with Kong pursuing her. In the Hall, an ecstatic De La Porta is suddenly confronted by the demon Chiros himself! Chiros demands the Time Stone that the Professor has. Ramone and his servants barely escape. Jason and Tann battle Harpy and the Apbats for control of their small piece of the Time Stone. It’s close then Kong reappears and quickly drives Harpy and her

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