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Kong: The Animated Series: Season 1 Episode 40

Interview with a Monkey

Howling Jack appears worldwide on Network TV promising to reveal the “”truth about Kong””. Jason, Tann, Lua and Kong race to LA in an attempt to stop him. En route they watch the TV in horrified fascination as Jack shows his “”proof””: badly edited interviews, poor drawings and murky unclear photographs, all taken from Kong’s previous around-the-world adventures. The montage ends with Jack promising a special guest who will present uncontestable evidence of Kong’s existence. Landing at night in Santa Monica, our heroes race through the streets of LA trying to get to the studio before Jack produces some real evidence. To their horror, a large limo carrying Ramone De La Porta streaks past heading for Howling Jack’s studio. Ramone is holding a cassette–the evidence! Jason can no longer contain Kong and the giant ape demerges and charges down the street after De La Porta. Arriving at the studio Ramone merges with a German Shepherd creating a hideous mutant. He attacks Kong attempting to hol

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