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Maggie and the Ferocious Beast: Season 1 Episode 7

Sun Spots / Say Cheese / Sailing Away

Sun Spots: It’s a lovely day at the beach and the Beast is having so much fun he forgets to put on his sun block. Uh oh! He gets a beastly sunburn, and turns all red! And when Hamilton sees him in the water he thinks he’s a sea monster! Say Cheese: When Maggie gives the Beast a framed picture of the two of them, Hamilton thinks she likes the Beast better than him. Maggie reassures Hamilton that she likes him just as much as she likes the Beast. He may not be big and have spots, but he does have lovely velvety pink skin. Cheered up, Hamilton agrees to let the Beast take a picture of them with his camera. Sailing Away: Maggie has a new telescope and decides they should go on a sailing adventure – to find the mysterious Secret Island. They set off in a big paper boat and, with the help of a seagull, finally reach the island, which turns out to be very, very small. They decide to keep Secret Island a secret.

Jun. 13, 2000

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