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Max Steel: Season 1 Episode 5


Josh and Laura seem to be repairing what damage was done to their relationship after a few recent events, while Pete simultaneously questions Josh as to his love for Laura. Meanwhile, Sabre, N-Tek’s space station, has suffered a mysterious malfunction, and is in danger of plummeting back to Earth. Max, along with Jake Nez, is sent to investigate the problem. After a short fight in space, the duo reaches the station, only to find that it was all a set-up, by Psycho and Vitriol, designed to steal N-Tek’s shuttle, the Phoenix. Max and Jake lock themselves in the bay, strategize, then simultaneously capture Vitriol and send Psycho spinning off into space. Sabre is brought down safely in the Pacific Ocean, and Josh returns to Del Oro, just in time for another scolding from Pete, as our hero had missed another date with Laura.

Apr. 01, 2000

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