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Max Steel: Season 2 Episode 5

Fire & Ice

Josh is eating dinner over at Pete’s house when he is called to work by ‘Berto. Pete, who now knows Josh is also secret-agent Max, begs to come along, but Josh tells him no. ‘Berto sends the Hawk airplane to pick up Max, sending him to Arctic Alaska, where two N-Tek research scientists have gone missing. Enroute, he discovers Pete stowed away in the back seat, still wanting to help his pal Josh with his secret agent role. Pete will cause no end of distraction and trouble for Max, today. Approaching the Arctic, Max has to fight off anti-aircraft missles from the villain, while Pete has to fight off motion sickness. They end up crash-landed close to the research station, and start to ski the rest of the way, where Max has to fight off a huge polar bear (without harming this endangered species!). At the research station, they discover that Vitriol has tapped in to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and try to discover whether they’re stealing oil or planning to cause an ecological disaster. I

Dec. 02, 2000

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