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Max Steel: Season 2 Episode 8

Space Opera (a.k.a. Shooting Stars)

Episode “”Space Opera”” in this database, listed as “”Shooting Stars”” on Cartoon Network ‘Berto has been dying to do something that allows public recognition, unlike all his N-Tek work, and he gets word from NASA that he and his optics experiment have been approved to fly on the next Space Cruiser flight. Max agrees to give him a week of training to get him into shape for the flight. It’s clear that ‘Berto really is used to a lot of sitting! ‘Berto gets to the Cape and meets Sarah Wolf, the Mission Specialist in charge of him and the payloads, and the rest of the crew. When N-Tek finds out his parents can’t get to Florida in time to watch the launch, Max goes there to cheer on ‘Berto. After ‘Berto notes the last-minute loading of the latest space telescope onto the Cruiser, Josh arrives, and invites ‘Berto to party on his last earth-bound night — but ‘Berto collapses, exhausted. ‘Berto gets up early on launch day and goes into the Cruiser to check on his experiment, only to find th

Jan. 20, 2001

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