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Medabots: Season 2 Episode 26

Metabee's Last Stand (2)

Doctor Meta-Evil has unleashed his ultimate weapon – the colossal Medabot, Babby-Blue! But Doctor Aki is ready this time – after the las time Meta-Evil played the giant Medabot card, he had a Giant Metabee constructed. Metabee is unable to generate enough power to mobilise his giant likeness, and realises that they need – “”More Medabots, More Power!”” Brass, Peppercat, Neutranurse, Sumilidon, Totalizer, Kantaroth and Cyandog all board the Giant Metabee and help to pilot it into battle with Babby-Blue, in a submission robattle refereed by Mr. Referee, who’s determination has been restored by the peddler. But even this combination of strength can’t breach Babby-Blue’s forcefield. Metabee’s determination to win draws on the power of the medals of Medabots from all over, unlocking the dormant power within all medals, both rare and clone. A Medaforce blast generated by this energy shatters Babby-Blue’s forcefield, but fails to damage the Medabot itself. Metabee knows what he has to do to win

Nov. 02, 2002

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