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The Kids from Room 402: Season 1 Episode 12

Over the River and Through the Swamp

During practice for the Chorus recital, the music teacher starts to give birth and practice ends before Arthur can rehearse his solo, and when Mr Besser becomes the new music teacher, things go from bad to worse. However Arthur calls in a few favours and Mr Besser is replaced by the hopeless Mr Jackson who is keen to work on Arthur’s solo, until Polly suggests that she and Arthur perform it as a duet. As Arthur grows more and more annoyed with Polly’s interfering he decides to change the words, upstaging Polly when the two perform the piece. Meanwhile Jessie cuts the pictures out of the encyclopaedia to get a good grade on his Mammals report, but when his plan to put the pictures back goes wrong, Miss Graves finds out and forces him to clean every book in the library.

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