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The Kids from Room 402: Season 1 Episode 3

The Used Gum Chewer

During a special assembly Jessie gets hungry and buys a packet of chocolate raisins from Arthur, but by the time the pack reaches him there is only one raisin left. As the documentary film Chinook of the North starts, most of the kids fall asleep until Vinnie sees a scene where the Eskimos all strip their clothes off. The film is immediately stopped but everybody is talking about what would have happened in the rest of the film. Back in class Jessie gets so hungry that he ends up eating a used piece of gum from under his desk, but Freddie sees him and soon the whole school is laughing at him. While Jessie tries to make people forget that he is a “”used gum chewer””, Arthur organises a secret screening of Chinook, but the rest of the film turns out to be just as boring as the beginning was and all the kids demand their money back. The next day lunch is cancelled because of a fire in the kitchen and as Miss Graves leaves the room, Jessie teases the other kids by pretending to eat more of t

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