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The Kids from Room 402: Season 1 Episode 5

The Half Wit

Arthur loses his ring, but when he goes to the lost and found office to try and find it he finds himself up against Polly who insists on him filling out sheet after sheet of paperwork and decides that it isn’t worth the effort. However when Mr Besser comes back on duty, Arthur takes the opportunity to look for his ring, but rather than taking his own ring he takes somebody else’s. Signing up to work in the lost and found office, Arthur volunteer Polly for a role as trash monitor and is soon taking whatever he likes from the collection. However when Miss Graves finds Arthur’s ring, he demands it back and realises that what he has been doing is wrong, returning all the lost items to their rightful owners. Meanwhile Jessie becomes funny when he buys a book of 101 insults, but on the eve of Mary-Ellen’s party he uses up all of the insults and is instantly booed off stage when his improvisation proves to be the unfunniest thing ever.

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