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The Kids from Room 402: Season 1 Episode 7

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Vinnie and Jessie find a list of teachers’ phone numbers and decide to prank their teachers, however after Jessie calls Miss Graves, Vinnie is caught pranking Mr Besser and is forced to be his helper for a week. The next day, Miss Graves asks Jessie what his phone number is and he begins to worry that she is going to phone his mom about the phone pranks. In an attempt to intercept the call, Jessie fakes illness in order to stay home and guard the phone, but when he returns to school the next day he learns that Miss Graves only wanted to call his mom to tell her that he had won the perfect attendance award, but seeing as how he missed school she didn’t need to call her. Meanwhile Nancy becomes friends with Polly in order to join Penny on a trip to the International Lithuanian Dance Festival, but when Penny has to stay home sick she refuses to come, not wanting to get in the way of the close friendship that Polly thinks has grown between the two girls.

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