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The Legend of Qin: Season 2 Episode 18

Night Ends; Daybreak

Ge Nie and Wei Zhuang first met each other as schoolmates when they were 18 or 19. Wei Zhuang once lost the first battle with his senior, but he has become much stronger now. During the fight, Duanmu Rong protects Ge Nie from Baifeng’s attack with her own body and gets badly wounded and almost dies. She recalls her mastress telling her never to love a swordman, but she has loved Ge Nie. When she hears Ge Nie still address himself as “Zaixia”(a polite and indifferent way of saying “I”), she weeps sadly. She tells Ge Nie in her heart to protect himself for he always gets himself hurt(physically and spiritually) and closes her eyes. Ge Nie is injured because of his anger. Tianming arrives and Ge Nie asks Tianming to stand behind him, but Tianming suddenly stabs him with a dagger.

Aug. 03, 2008

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