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The Weekenders: Season 1 Episode 4

[email protected]/To Be or Not to Be

[email protected]: Tino tries to tutor a hopeless Lor for a history test that she absolutely has to pass. However, the other friends are caught between attending an event or helping their friend. Will they choose to help Lor pass the Civil War test or will they ignore their friendship and go to the event despite Lor’s desperate situation? To Be or Not to Be: Tish is very excited because she has recently managed to get a role in a very good play, though her role is somewhat humiliating and her friends merely laugh at her. She decides to disregard her friends for the weekend and associate herself with her adult colleagues on the set of the play. Will Tino, Carver and Lor manage to find a way to make up for their behavior before it’s too late?

Mar. 18, 2000

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