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The Weekenders: Season 1 Episode 8

Dead Ringer/Carver the Terrible

Dead Ringer: Every year each student in Bahia Bay has to compete in a sport at the Bahia Bay Park for a picnic. Everyone is excited except for Tino, becuase Tino usually signs up for Chess, but this year chess wasn’t avaibale. So, Tino and the rest of the gang try and find a sport that Tino’s good at. Will they manage to find a sport that Tino will be able to participate in without humiliating himself, or will they run out of time forcing Tino to miss out on the event entirely? Carver the Terrible: During a game of soccer, Carver accidentally trips one of the toughest people at his school. However, all the others who saw it occur begin to respect him out of fear due to their belief that he tripped the bully on purpose. Carver’s friends know that he didn’t do it, but will they manage to convince Carver to tell the truth before he pays a heavy price for his lies, or will Carver continue to exploit the situation to his advantage, despite knowing that it’s wrong?

May. 06, 2000

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