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The Weekenders: Season 2 Episode 12

Talent Show/Relative Boredom

Talent Show: Lor and Tish try out for the annual talent show, though they usually end up embarrassing themselves in their performance. Lor is forced into it by a teacher to help her “people skills”, though it is Tish who really wants to get into the show. Unfortunately, Lor passes the audition and Tish doesn’t. Tish gets jealous and refuses to help Lor. Will Lor be able to do a good job in the talent show without her friend’s support? Relative Boredom: Tino’s cousin Philip is coming over for the weekend, though Tino remembers the last time that he came, in which he proved to be a total nerd. Tino figures he’ll have to miss the new movie that he wants to go see, entitled “Chum Bukkit: The Movie”, because he has to stay with his cousin and he doesn’t believe his cousin will want to watch the movie. Tino completely disregards Phillip as he tries to get through the weekend, but will Tino be able to go see the movie despite his annoying cousin?

Mar. 10, 2001

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