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The Weekenders: Season 2 Episode 13

New Friends/The Awful Weekend

New Friends: Tino’s mom gets a visit from her old friend named Adelle Fibs. When Tino finds out that they split up because they were “too different” and “something awful” happened, he tells his own friends. Tish talks about something similar that happened between her and Frances. They decide to split up before something happens and look for friends more like themselves. Unfortunately, none of the people they go to work out with them. Tino then tells them what happened was Adelle moved to Ohio, and they decide to become friends again because they like being different. The Awful Weekends: The guys are stoked about the coming weekend. There’s a dinosaur exhibit in the science museum, a new video game at Funville, and on Sunday, everything costs a nickel at Tesla Park. Unfortunately, a case of bad luck haunts the gang and various bad things occur to each of them, but will they still be capable of enjoying the events they had planned?

Mar. 17, 2001

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