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The Weekenders: Season 3 Episode 12


Croquembouch: The gang bakes a french cake that they are entering in a contest to win free passes to every museum in the city. Tino thinks that since he was the spokesperson (spokesmen) last year for the food contest he should be it agian. However Tish, Carver and Lor want to vote for the spokesperson this year. When they vote Carver wins and Tino gets very jealous. Tino thinks that his friends are agianst him and spends all weekend mad. Until the day of the contest, Dixon (Tino’s mom’s boy friend) convinces Tino that they really aren’t against him. Tino then shows up for the contests and cheers Carver on. Imperfection: When the gang gets their report cards one of Tish’s teacher says she is to much of a perfectionist and misses the bigger picture. So Tish is all mad that perfection is the only thing stopping her from being truly perfect. Tish decides she will spend the entire weekend being the best imperfctionist. The guys have to complete a statue of a historical guy out of kelp for the kelp auction on Sunday. Tish is to busy trying to be truly inperfect that she doesn’t help the guys construct the kelp statue. So, Tino’s mom convinces her that she shouldn’t be imperfect because it just as bad as being a perfectionist. So Tish decides to paint the staute. Tish thinks that a different kind of kelp would be better so she reconstucts the staute but it looks exactly the same as the other statues. The next day they enter the statue and after the auction someone buys the statue.

Nov. 24, 2001

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