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The Weekenders: Season 3 Episode 9

The Tao of Bluke/An Experimental Weekend

The Tao of Bluke: Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish decide that they want to win a treasure hunt so that they can win a pool table, and they are farily certain that they can win until they find out that they must have a fifth team mate, and Bluke is stuck to go with them. While the team believes Bluke will cause them to loose and they disregard his opinions, they realize the treasure hunt is harder than they thought it would be. They believe they have no chance to win, but they underestimated the one person who they considered incapable of helping them, and it’s up to Bluke to save the weekend and help them get their prize. An Experimental Weekend: Tish cons the others into spending the weekend helping her do science experiments so she can win first prize in an essay contest. Tish uses a friendship scoreboard, showing all the favours she’s ever done for them, to convince them they should help her. They do a couple of experiments with her but then decide they’ve had enough. They make up their own friendship scoreboard showing that Lor only owes Tish 2 favours, Tish owes Tino 4 favours, and Craver owes them all about 150 favours. Tino claims his 3 of his 4 favours so he Lor and Carver can spend the rest of the weekend playing pool. Tish gets annoyed at them for ditching her, until she realises that friends do favours for each other because they want to, not because they own them and if is she had of just asked them nicely in the first place, instead of using a favour scoreboard, they probably would’ve helped her.

Nov. 03, 2001

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